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Southern Orthopedic Specialists, P.A. invests in quality patient care, utilizing specialized physicians and tomorrow's technology. A team of eight (8) physicians and over thirty (30) technicians and support staff work together to achieve the highest level of care and recovery.

In accordance with our philosophy—that each patient needs thoughtful, timely intervention to minimize complications, speed recovery and to return the patient to maximum functional capability—our team of providers are available for immediate evaluation and treatment, no matter what time of day the injury may occur.

The entire staff at Southern Orthopedic Specialists, P.A. gives their undivided attention to each and every patient. No question is too trivial and no patient leaves confused. The doctors and staff of Southern Orthopedic Specialists, P.A. provide individualized medical care for each and every one of their patients.

Expect Perfection; Settle for Excellence. Our team of physicians specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries, illnesses and deformities affecting the musculo-skeletal system. In addition to offering excellent care for common orthopedic problems our facility offers family medicine treatment as well.

For our patients convenience Southern Orthopedic Specialists, P.A. is proud to offer both physical and occupational therapy to our patients located on our campus Rehabilitation Center, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including our new Achieva 1.5T MRI as well as durable medical equipment (DME). We offer various treatments including anti-inflammatory modalities, strengthening, manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and testing equipment along with a professional staff to provide therapy for all types of orthopedic injuries.


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