Fracture repair is the process of rejoining and realigning the ends of broken bones, performed by our orthopedists. Fracture repair is required when you need to restore the normal alignment and function of a broken bone. Throughout the stages of fracture healing, the bones must be held firmly in the correct position. It’s important for the fracture to be properly repaired otherwise misalignment of the bone may occur, resulting in possible physical dysfunction of the bone, adjacent joint, or region of the body.

We repair fractures by applying traction, surgery, and immobilizing the affected bones. The bone fragments are aligned as closely as possible to their normal position without injuring the skin. Metal wires or screws may be needed to align smaller bone fragments. Once the broken ends of the bone are set, the affected area is immobilized for several weeks and kept rigid with a sling, plaster cast, brace, or splint which we can do onsite. With the use of traction, muscles pulling on the fracture site are neutralized by weights attached to a series of ropes running over pulleys.