Bay County Woman Gets Active Again After Knee Replacements With Dr. Nicholas Crossman

Recently, many area residents may have experienced the difficulties of staying active and learned the importance of overcoming obstacles. For Glynda B., 72, Lynn Haven resident and retired Oscar Patterson Elementary secretary, knee pain was getting in her way. Today, she says, “I’m getting around, and I’m not having any problems doing anything.”

This is thanks in part to Dr. Nicholas Crossman, fellowship-trained joint replacement specialist at Southern Orthopedic Specialists, P.A., and two knee replacements. Glynda underwent a successful right knee replacement in May and, more recently in September, she had an innovative same-day procedure for her left knee at Northwest Florida Surgery Center.

Previously, Glynda had been undergoing joint injections to alleviate pain from her knee arthritis. Her husband also had been getting joint injections for years. After last year’s hurricane and after working with Dr. Crossman, her husband finally decided to go forward with replacing his knees. After he recovered, Glynda did the same.

“Of course, I would go in with him,” she says. “When he had the therapy, I would drive him and go in with him. I was just real impressed with everything that I saw and heard. I had already said to myself that [my knees] are getting so bad, and the shots aren’t working anymore that as soon as he got over his therapy that I would go in and start taking care of mine.”

Glynda explained that several years before, she had said that she was never going to have a joint replacement done because it seemed too difficult.

“It was always just a real pleasant experience with Dr. Crossman,” Glynda says. “He would explain everything. He gave me booklets and paperwork that would show what they did. And he explained it and answered any questions that I had. I didn’t have any qualms about going at all.”

That first day home after her second knee replacement, Glynda says, “I got up. My husband brought me breakfast in bed, and that was it. They give you some pain medications, but I didn’t have to take that after a couple of weeks—even going to therapy. I was just taking normal Tylenol.”

She was also walking without a walker or cane just two weeks after her last procedure. “I have no problems whatsoever,” Glynda says. “It just all came together. I mean it just turned out great. I was in therapy for five weeks and a few days. “We’ve just been really pleased with Dr. Crossman and his office,” Glynda adds. “They’re really friendly but professional too. I can’t say enough about that whole Southern Orthopedic part of it.”

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